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segunda-feira, 30 de setembro de 2013


World Press Photo Laureates 1956-2013
From Russia and The Soviet Union
1st prize, Feature Picture stories
Sergey Vasilieve - Vecherny Chelyabinsk
The Birth of Man series
Maternity hospital in Chelyabinsk, USSR

Celso de Lanteuil
Amsterdam, 21 of August 2013

Em homenagem ao meu sobrinho neto Tom

Somewhere in the globe
A day of contractions
The challenge pain
That shakes and vibrates

Somewhere in Europe
In a country full of strangers
A woman fought hard
To bring his baby to the world

Somewhere in London town
In the middle of the green and the Tub
Surrounded by art, museums and chilli weather
Two fathers and two mothers are there to support this brave

Somewhere in Amsterdam, Porto and Rio
A group of family and friends are celebrating
The newborn Tom, the Hercules of a new era
The symbol of a couple in love that grows in this global world

Somewhere, some day
We all be one in so many faces
Not a shadow neither a fake look
But the essence of this newborn Tom

The Hercules of a new era
The strength of this new man
This light that shakes and vibrates
The symbol of a couple in love that grows in this global world

2 comentários:

  1. Lindo texto. Meu netinho é mesmo um Hércules. Obrigado cunhado pelas linda homenagem... Eles merecem!

    1. É verdade Fatima. Falta agora eu conhecer os meus dois sobrinhos netos... não vejo a hora de segurar o Tom e o João no colo.