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terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2012


One of my favorite albums
Toots Thielemans and Elis Regina, Aquarela do Brasil
Recorded in Sweden 1969
Great musicians around: Antonio Adolfo, Roberto Menescal, Wilson das Neves
Jurandir Meirelles, Hermes Cortesini

Music and lyrics by Celso de Lanteuil
Porto, 07/11/2011 

I am talking about a simple man
A genius of emotion
The bright mind of the blue note
A master of the Jazz

His first love was Elis
Sivuca, Tom, Ivan Lins
He travelled many times to Rio
His soul is a bit carioca

He is a kind of masterpiece
The hero of a nation
A Belgium gentleman
The Captain of the melody

I met him at Copenhagen
He took me to the Tivoli
Invited by the Queen
To play with the local symphony

He introduced me as his manager
And put me on stage
And played The Shadow of Your Smile

He gave us Bluesette
His music will last
He gave us his best
Toot’s, the Captain of the melody

One of my favorite records is Old Friend
Arranged and conducted by Ruud Bos
Produced by Cess Schrama, Photography by Moot Gerretsen 
(from my discography)

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